IV hydration And Vitamin shots


Increases energy, better sleeping, helps with concentration, boosts immune system, improves metabolism and helps with weight loss



IV Hydration & Vitamin therapy

At Units Injection Spa, we can help you relax and unwind while having IV Hydration & Vitamin therapy that will help nourish your body. We offer IV drips and injections that help boost your immune system and provide many different benefits.

High-nutrient foods are the best way to fuel your body, but IV Hydration & Vitamin therapy may be a better option if you aren’t getting enough nutrients!

Through IV Hydration & Vitamin therapy, you can hydrate, replenish, and detoxify your cells, prevent disease, boost energy, and alleviate various health symptoms. During an IV Hydration Therapy session, you receive a boost of vitamins and minerals administered directly into your bloodstream.

To schedule your appointment for an IV Hydration or Vitamin therapy with Units Injection Spa in Phoenix, AZ, you can call or text us at 602-730-0751 or feel free to make an appointment through our website.


IV Hydration
IV Hydration & Vitamin therapy
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IV Hydration & Vitamin therapy FAQs

During nutrient IV therapy, vitamins are administered intravenously in drips, often in combination, to maximize the effect. Vitamin shots are injected into a vein for quick results.

IV Hydration & Vitamin therapy can be safely administered to most adults. Please let us know about any health conditions.

Following treatment, most people feel refreshed and energized and enjoy the effects for some time afterward. Some people, however, may not feel the effects of them right away.

Each individual’s body will respond differently to vitamin treatment.

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