Is sclerotherapy efficient to eliminate small varicose veins?

Is sclerotherapy efficient to eliminate small varicose veins

The trend of sclerotherapy is on the rise, and it’s no wonder. Sclerotherapy can treat various vascular disorders, including spider and varicose veins, and it is often considered a less invasive treatment than surgery. This alternative to surgery has become increasingly popular due to its effectiveness and relative safety compared to surgical procedures. The purpose […]

What Is IV Hydration? How Long Do IV Fluids Stay in the Body? 

What Is IV Hydration How Long Do IV Fluids Stay in the Body 

IV hydration is a medical technique that involves giving patients intravenous (IV) fluids. It’s often used in hospitals to treat dehydration, the symptoms of illnesses, or the illnesses themselves. IV hydration also helps with recovery from hangovers. The Uses of IV Hydration IV hydration is often used in hospitals to treat dehydration, the symptoms of […]

What HydraFacial Side Effects

What HydraFacial Side Effects

There’s no denying that hydra facials are all the rage these days. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, hydra facials are a facial that uses a particular device to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin. The hydra facial treatment is said to be beneficial for all skin types, and it’s becoming increasingly popular as a […]

Hylenex Filler Removal – What You Should Know About It

Hylenex Filler Removal - What You Should Know About It

We all know how fillers can bring out the best in our faces as they improve the appearance of those with saggy skin and wrinkles. But what about when we want to get rid of them? One of the benefits of fillers is that we can easily alter the fillers injected into us by removing […]

Is Kybella Permanent? 9 Things to Know Before Treatment

Is Kybella Permanent 9 Things to Know Before Treatment

Kybella is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment that uses deoxycholic acid to dissolve stubborn fat under the chin (also known as “double chin”). Kybella is an exciting development in the fight against stubborn fat. However, knowing what to expect from this treatment can still be challenging. You need to know nine things before considering Kybella […]

Get to Know BioRePeel

Get to Know BioRePeel

One of the most common ways to keep your skin fresh and rejuvenated is to exfoliate it. Exfoliation is essential because it helps to unclog pores, remove dead skin cells, and reveal new and healthy skin. There are many ways to gently exfoliate your skin depending on your skin type, from facials, scrubs, and peels […]

Is Hair Restoration Possible?

Is Hair Restoration Possible

Hair loss is a notably common problem that affects people of all ages. While hair loss is often associated with old age, it can also affect people in their twenties or thirties. Even though this is a regular occurrence because of growing old, among many factors, those who experience hair loss during their younger years […]

Vitamin Shots: Are They Good Or Bad For You?

Vitamin Shots Are They Good Or Bad For You | Units Injection Spa | Phoenix, AZ

With more people feeling rundown, tired, or could use a significant metabolism boost, a simple solution that doesn’t involve pills, surgery, or a treadmill is called vitamin shots. In fact, studies reveal that over 90 percent of people are deficient in at least one or more nutrients. Indeed, vitamin infusions have gained popularity over the […]

Hyperhidrosis: Can You Cure Hyperhidrosis Permanently?

Hyperhidrosis | Units Injection Spa | Phoenix, AZ

Hyperhidrosis is a condition that causes sweating more than what’s necessary. It can be tough to deal with, especially in hot weather or trying to do something important. For some people, it can be a struggle to have hyperhidrosis. It can be challenging for some people to live with hyperhidrosis because sometimes they lose self-confidence […]

Hylenex Filler Removal: What You Should Know About It?

Hylenex Filler Removal | Units Injection Spa | Phoenix, AZ

While fillers are generally great and safe treatments, there are rare occasions when patients are unsatisfied with their results. Whether it is because they received the treatment from someone who wasn’t experienced enough to give the desired results or simply liked the way they looked before the treatment. In this case, flexibility is now one […]