Having wrinkles and fine lines on our faces can make us look and feel older and less confident. Injectable neurotoxins, also known as neuromodulators, can reduce wrinkles and fine lines, give you smoother skin, and help you look younger overall! Neurotoxins work by preventing the contraction of your muscles in and around the problem areas. Units Injection Spa offers three of the most popular and up-to-date injectables, Botox Cosmetic, Dysport, and Jeuveau, which will help you look and feel your very best!

Typically, these treatments can be performed in less than fifteen minutes and require little to no downtime. Typically, you will notice a difference within a few days, but it may take up to two weeks for optimal results to appear. The effects of neurotoxin injections typically last for 3 to 4 months; however, the benefits may become prolonged with regular injections.

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Scowl Lines
Forehead Lines
Bunny Lines
Brow Lift
Crow’s Feet
Lip Lines / Lip Flip
Dimpled Chin
Platysma (Vertical Neck Cords)
Hyperhidrosis treatment
Masseter (TMJ) / Face Slimming
Headache/ Migraine Relief


Neurotoxin treatments work by preventing the nerve signals that cause facial muscle contractions. This prevents your facial muscles from contracting as much, thereby relaxing the muscles and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

BOTOX – 5 to 7 days for results to appear

Dysport – 2 to 4 days for results to appear

Jeuveau – 3 to 5 days for results to appear

*Results may vary

Botox, Dysport & Jeuveau are some of the most popular wrinkle treatments available, with proven results. After your neuromodulator injections, you should be able to go back to your normal activities straight after treatment. You’ll notice a substantial improvement for up to four months, on average.

Results from BOTOX and Jeuveau last about 3 – 4 months.

Dysport lasts about 4 months.

*Results may vary

After Care

* It is important to avoid lying down for an entire 4 hour period after the injection. This includes lying down for facials, exercising, massages, doctor’s appointments, napping, etc. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t notice a change right away. Botox can take three to five days to take effect and up to 2 weeks to be at its “final” stage.

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